Center for Kidney Health & Transplantation

Center for Kidney Health and Transplantation involves the diagnosis and basic management of uncomplicated diseases of the kidneys, its contiguous collecting system and vasculature, including the recognition of indications for referral at the appropriate time to a nephrologist.

Dialysis or Transplant? Kidney care to save a life

According to the Department of Health (DOH), 1 Filipino dies every hour to kidney failure. With over 7,000 cases recorded every year, kidney failure is the 9th leading cause of death in the Philippines, and statistics have shown a 10-12% increase yearly. Unlike most diseases, kidney failure may not produce any symptoms, and when left unrecognized or untreated, may result in life threatening circumstances or further complicate existing illnesses.

Why Opt for Kidney Transplant?

According to experts at The Medical City Clark’s Center for Kidney Health and Transplantation, a kidney transplant is the preferred treatment of choice for kidney failure, compared to a lifetime of dialysis. A kidney transplant may treat chronic kidney diseases and improve the patient’s quality of life.  There are also fewer dietary restrictions, lower cost of treatment, and lower risk of death with kidney transplants. It is the best treatment in order to replace all the functions of kidney

The Kidney Transplant Program

As one of the leading hospitals with a Kidney Transplant and Organ Donation Program, TMC Clark is dedicated to delivering a multidisciplinary, patient partnership approach with comprehensive diagnosis and treament coupled with state of the art technology and specialized standards of health care. This is a team composed of Transplant Surgeons and Nephrologists who have trained locally and internationally, who will throughly evaluate the patient to determine eligibility for transplant. These factors include the patient’s health and capacity for surgery and medications, medical complications, and willingness to follow through on the hospital’s post operative health program.

Once assessed, the team of experts will decide on open nephrectomy (long incision) or laparoscopic nephrectomy (keyhole surgery), with the latter being the more common and preferred choice as it is less painful with better recovery time.

The center also takes pride in its post operative care and services – from post operative medication and management, lifestyle changes, and consistent check ups to ensure that the long term success of the procedure. 

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