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Diabetes and Nutrition Management Services Center

The Diabetes and Nutrition Management Service Center focuses on the screening and management of diabetes and its related diseases including laboratory procedures, evaluation of complications, patient education and counselling on proper nutrition. It provides a multi-disciplinary approach to dealing with the ailment and provides patients with the convenience and the support they need in order to manage diabetes.

Our Services

  • General Diabetes Mellitus
  • Living well with Diabetes Mellitus
  • Outsmarting Diabetes Mellitus
  • Overcoming Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Truth about Insulin Therapy
  • Virtual Diabetes and Nutrition Management Services
  • Dietary Counseling
  • Enteral Feeding Home Instruction
  • Nutrition Assessment for in-patient
  • Nutrition Counseling with Recommended Diet
  • Nutrition Counseling with Computed Diet
  • Nutrition Counseling with Recommended Diet
  • Nutrition Management Services Monitoring

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Patient's Testimonial

"You know, I've got more energy now. I've got a ways to go on losing weight. It's slowed down a little bit but, you know, 50 pounds in less than two months, I'm not complaining at all. I'm feeling good. I'm energetic. I have nothing bad to say. It's all positive. It was the right decision that I made and I have no regrets.

I don't wanna go back to being a 314-pound guy. I feel good what I am now and I know I have more to lose, so, I think it's just fantastic. I'm happy. The realization is I'm almost me again. The TMC staff, I love them. These guys are the best. They've been supportive. The doc - 24-hours a day, I can text him and he'll respond. Unbelievable. TMC has been good to me on the other surgeries. I love the place. I'm always positive for TMC. I'm always talking to my friends saying how great of a place it is, how caring the people are. It's personalized care here in TMC and I recommend it for almost anything."

Bob McGlew
the medical city clark imd

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