Patient's Right & Responsibilities

At The Medical City Clark, we put you on center stage because you are co-responsible in your journey to health. As our health partner, we would like you to be aware of your RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES.

Patient's Rights

As a patient of The Medical City Clark, you have the right, consistent with Philippine laws:

  1. To be informed of
    • Your rights as a patient in a manner and language that you understand
    • The names and departments of the doctors and staff who will be involved in your care in the hospital
    • The nature of your illness, its likely causes, manifestations, and course
    • The treatments proposed to you, its benefits, side effects, potential risks, and costs
    • Other treatment options relevant to your condition, including the option to withhold treatment, and the consequences of taking such options
  2. To receive medical care that is
    • Free from discrimination as to ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation,and socioeconomic status
    • Delivered with respect, consideration and compassion in a clean and safe environment free of unnecessary restraint
    • Appropriate to your medical condition and consistent with the terms of your informed consent, your decisions, preferences, and values
    • Given in a timely manner whenever you need it
  3. To be advised of, participate in, or refuse to take part in any medical research; receive full information on the purposes and procedures of the research; and, be assured that your refusal will not compromise your care
  4. To privacy while in the hospital and confi dentiality of all information and records regarding your care
  5. To participate in all decisions about your treatment and discharge from the hospital
  6. To seek second opinion and other referrals within or outside the institution without fear of compromise to the care and services
  7. To complain without fear of reprisals about the care and services you are receiving and to have the hospital respond to you
  8. To authorize those family members and other adults who will be given priority to visit consistent with your ability to receive visitors and pertinent hospital policies
  9. To be informed of the policies and procedures on organ donation and transplantation.

Patient's Responsibilities

At the same time, as a patient of The Medical City Clark you have the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide complete and truthful information about your health, including past illnesses, hospital stays, surgeries, allergies, and use of medicines/other forms of treatment
  2. To know the members of your health care team
  3. To be involved in the decisions regarding your health care
  4. To ask questions regarding the nature of your illness and its management including options, likely outcomes, benefits, risks, and costs
  5. To ask questions whenever you are not sure of the information or instructions given to you
  6. To tell the health care team if you have problems adhering to the plan of care as agreed upon
  7. To follow hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care, safety, and conduct
  8. To be considerate of the rights of other patients, staff and the hospital including those pertaining to noise control, smoking, and visitors
  9. To promptly pay all bills related to your care according to the hospital policies
  10. To recognize the effect of lifestyle on your personal health, and in so doing make responsible decisions in your daily life
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