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Health is wealth but more often than not, we only realize the importance of our health when we get sick. Our stressful and sedentary lifestyle, coupled with poor eating habits, make us prone to contracting diseases.

To start your journey to a healthier you, the Wellness Center is here to support you all the way. At the Wellness Center, you will undergo a preventive health screening which will help determine any health risks, ailments or any health issue that you may have. From the results of your preventive health check, the Center will determine if you need to be referred to a specialist for further tests.

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Patient's Testimonials

"According to Mr. Eugene Paul Gonora everyone was efficient, courteous and friendly.

Mr. Eugene was satisfied with the care of our physician and very satisfied with the care of our Allied Medical staff (Nurses, Technician, Technologists, and Therapists) and Non-Allied Medical staff (Receptionists, Clerk)."

Mr. Eugene Paul Gonora

"I chose TMCC because of the customer service."

Michelyn Miguel

"So far the customer/ patient service is really great (ECU) as we were assisted thoroughly."

William Laxamana

"My dad went to TMC Clark for his executive check-up and he told me that they looked after him well. He said all staff he met were kind and helpful. Thank you TMC for treating him well. Very pleased that there is even a coordinator to be with you throughout the process. Makes you feel VIP"

Mae Hope Babas

"I love the patient/customer service. I feel safe and secure in the facility."

Michael Miguel
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