Hepatitis at the Forefront: Liver Health Can’t Wait

TMC Clark’s Liver and Pancreas Center led the webinar which discussed topics on “Viral Hepatitis: A Silent Threat” and “Fatty Liver: A Modern Lifestyle Disease” by Dr. Maria Carla Tablante and Dr. Karen Latorre, respectively.


Dr. Tablante, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and IBD Specialist of TMC Clark, emphasized how hepatitis is an alarming health issue in the country with one out of seven adult Filipino acquiring the disease. She also cited how Hepatitis B in particular, is common among working adults.


Apart from the in-depth discussion which tackled the types, symptoms, and diagnosis of hepatitis, Dr. Tablante also highlighted the tests and imaging techniques for patients who wish to have their livers tested. These include CT scan, MRI, and TMC Clark’s new offering, FibroScan, a non-evasive machine which measures the stiffness and fatty infiltration of the liver.


Meanwhile, during her talk, Dr. Latorre, Head of Liver and Pancreas Center of TMC Clark, mentioned that liver diseases such as the Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease can be prevented, hence, it is TMC Clark’s advocacy to spread awareness and information.


“The best time to start taking care of your liver is now. Let us apply (in our lifestyle) the lesson of moderation–everything (must be) within limits and reason,” Dr. Latorre added.


All participants of the webinar were given free consultation vouchers while three attendees received free liver screenings after a raffle draw.

For 2021, World Health Organization commemorated the World Hepatitis Day with the theme “Hepatitis can’t wait.”

Dr. Maria Carla Tablante and Dr. Karen Latorre sharing their expertise on liver function and diseases during the TMC Clark webinar in commemoration of the World Hepatitis Day