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Your health is a priority. Eating well and staying physically active are critical components of overall health. Chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be prevented if you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. However, sometimes a disease can be totally unexpected and that is why it is important to get health screening tests even when you feel perfectly healthy. 

Through regular health screenings also called Executive Check-ups (ECU), you will have access to vital information that will help you monitor and be in control of your health. This also gives you peace of mind when you know that you are in the pink of health.

Regular health screening tests can help find unrecognized health risks and ailments that do not manifest any symptoms. Early detection gives you the chance to get the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications or progression to more serious conditions thus reducing treatment costs.

Keep your health on track and achieve your health goals by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting the recommended health screenings and treatment. 


 Here at The Medical City Clark, we offer:

  • A preventive health screening package tailor-fit for each person, addressing one’s specific health concerns
  • A package that is cost-efficient, helping to improve the overall wellness of an individual and thus minimizing health risks and expenses
  • Other features: 

·         Hotel-like ambiance & hospitality

·         Personal concierge and assistance, LOA coordination with your local and international insurance provider 

·         Privileges & other perks

·         Attention to post-evaluation & result discussion (Continuity of Care)

Choose the health screening package that is best for you. Should you require medical intervention, we offer direct access to our specialists, facilities, and other medical services. 

The Essentials a complete checkup of the vital functions of the body

Male Evaluation for men 40 to 59 years old

Lady Care I for women 45 years old and below

Lady Care II for women above 45 years old


Regular or annual health checks are vital for everyone, particularly for seniors. As people age, all vital organs begin to lose some function. The immunity of seniors also tends to be weaker than adults and youths. Older people are therefore more prone to medical conditions.

Health checks become more necessary as these can spot a variety of diseases before they become more serious or problematic. 

Geriatric Health
Check serves all persons, well or ill, 60 years old and above.

Platinum 1 Senior Male Evaluation for men 60 to 79 years old

Platinum 2 Senior Male Evaluation for men 80 years old and above

Platinum 1 Female Package for women 60 to 79 years old

Platinum 2 Female Package for women 80 years old and above

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